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Today review I will be revealing all you need to know about this online earning platform called “ platform”.

There are many online platform today that comes with many exciting offers to make people join their platform, some of these platform pays for a short time, while some don’t even pay before they run away with peoples investment and time. continue reading as you find out if legit or scam.

In this article you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about that claims users can earn money every day, which includes, what’s, how does works, when was launched, who is the founder of, how to register on, is legit or scam, how to login account, is paying, can I withdraw on without any referrals and many more. is an investment platform. So in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this review to be Safe.

Disclaimer “We is not by anyway working with Platform but trying to work for the benefits of others based on honesty and broad insight

Let’s go there.


What’s is an online investment platform that claims to pay reward to there users once they give the opportunity to make money by investing in various products.

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How does
works/ How to earn.

Btcchome focused on providing income
opportunities to individuals who are
looking to work from home.
Btcchome investement is for everyone
and anyone as long as you have a
smartphone, computer and data. It is a
once in a lifetime opportunity that is
open for Students, Unemployed
Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers,
Housewives or anyone and everyone
who want to earn money online.
Registering on automatically
grants you the opportunity to earn daily
depending on the investment plan you
subscribe to.
Once you have successfully completed
your registration on the platform, you
will get a welcome bonus of N200 and
you will also need to subscribe to any of
the investment plans with your money.
The minimum amount to invest is N2,000
to earn N500 daily for 50 days, while the
maximum amount to invest is N3,000,000
to earn 50 daily for a period of days. Investment Plans.

Here are the available investment plans on


Price: N2,000
Daily income: N500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N6,000
Daily income: N500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N15,000
Daily income: N3,750
Duration: 50 days


Price: N30,000
Daily income: N7,500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N60,000
Daily income: N15,000
Duration: 50 days


Price: N150,000
Daily income: N37,500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N300,000
Daily income: N500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N600,000
Daily income: N150,000
Duration: 50 days


Price: N1,200,000
Daily income: N500
Duration: 50 days


Price: N3,000,000
Daily income: N500
Duration: 50 days Referral.

Here is a way you can be earning massively which is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Once someone has successfully completed his/her registration on the platform using your link the platform rewards you with a commission from his deposit. You get a commission of 30%, 2%,1% from your level 1 to 3.

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How to register on

To join the platform follow these steps below to guide you on how to register on time.

  • First click here to direct you to their official
  • Input your Phone number, Username, Password, Confirm Password.
  • Now click on Register to complete your registration.

How to login on

To login your account follow these steps below here.

  • Click on the link
  • Input Phone number and Password
  • Click on LOGIN to access your account.

How to withdraw on

To Cash out your earnings from you just need to click on the menu icon and click on profile, and add your bank details to withdraw your earnings. claims users can be able to withdraw there earnings once they reach the minimum withdrawal amount threshold. Withdrawal.

To withdraw your earnings is very simple once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, the minimum withdrawal amount is N1000

Once you start earning, go to withdrawal page to see when your withdrawal is ready, place your withdrawals details and wait for 24hours for your withdrawal to be successful as promised by the platform.

You can withdraw your earnings through your bank by providing your details.

Is Paying.

At the moment writing this article we have see payment proof from users claiming the platform is paying now. Please note this platform is a Ponzi scheme and can crash anytime.

Is legit.

The features of appear to be genuine, but their credibility is questionable due to limited information available about the platform. Moreover, as an investment platform, we cannot recommend placing trust in them since every online business carries some level of risk.

It is important to note that this platform operates as a Ponzi scheme, which means it can collapse unexpectedly. Consequently, deciding to participate in this venture entails assuming full responsibility for any associated risks.

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We advice registered members and intended members who are looking forward to work on this platform to exercise caution and invest what he/she will be able to loose if any misfortune occure in future.

You can share with us your reviews and experience with this platform at the comment section below.

Is Scam.

Exercise caution when considering investing in, as there are indications that it may be a scam. While they may currently be making payments, it is important not to be enticed into investing your hard-earned money if you cannot afford to lose it. Although they claim to be a long-term investment platform, there are doubts regarding their ability to sustain their promised longevity.

Engaging with such platforms carries inherent risks, as there is uncertainty regarding whether they will honor payments before ceasing operations. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be aware of the potential risks involved.


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