PalmPay App Review and Earning Opportunities

In Nigerian financial industry, a lot of scam sites have taken over the market thereby making it hard to find a genuine place to keep your money. However, we’ve good news for you PalmPay,  Nigeria owned online bank is the only trusted place to keep your money. Since its launch in 2019 by Greg Reeves, PalmPay has secured over two million users and they’ve all testified the goodness of this app.

However, apart from being the best Nigeria online bank to save your money, what amazes is a lot of bonuses its users are entitled to which we’ll explain further in this

article. PalmPay review will enlighten you in everything about the app and whether it’s legit or a scam.

With this Palmpay app. We will be answering questions like, features of Palmpay app, Palmpay Rewards and benefits, Gems, Coupons, Friend Referral, Palmpoints,Users of Palmpay, Rewards on all transaction, how to make money on palm pay, How to Register Palmpay, who owns palm pay, is Palmpay app Legit, is Palmpay app Scam.

Before we drive further into the PalmPay review, it’s important to know its features.

Features of palmpay app

One amazing feature about PalmPay is that it provides pathways for users to earn money while also using the mobile app. Money can be earned on PalmPay through rewards, bonuses, and cashback.

On PalmPay, you can send money to other users, receive funds into your account, withdraw to your bank account, settle bills and recharge airtime. The reward points you receive after some transactions can be redeemed any time you like.

Palmpay Rewards and benefits

Palm pay app has many benefits:

  • Low service charges during transactions.
  • Easy payment of bills and fast VTU services.
  • Guaranteed security and safekeeping of user information.
  • You can earn bonuses and rewards when you make transactions.
  • You earn money for each person you invite.


Gems are gotten for free each day you visits the app or by adding a contact. Daily login gives you about 200 gems plus you earn by registering on the app too. Meanwhile, 15,000 gems are equivalent to 100 naira airtime.


Coupons are also rewards given to users as they perform different transactions in the PalmPay app. These coupons differ depending on the user’s activity in the app which may be welcome gifts, check-ins, successful transactions, or in-app games. Meanwhile, the coupons generated can be used as discount offers for purchases made in the app.


How to Referral on palmpay

  • Open the PalmPay app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the “ME” button and tap on the invitation.
  • Click on “share“.

You can copy and paste the link to any social media and share it with friends. You can also share directly from the app.

Palm point

You can redeem your PalmPay points for airtime, and data. PalmPoints can also be redeemed to PalmCoins.

Users of palmpay

Since launching in 2019, PalmPay has quickly established itself as one of the continent’s leading and fastest-growing payment providers with 10 million users and a mobile money agent network of 200,000. PalmPay raised a US$100 million Series A round of funding in August 2021, with US$140 million raised in total.

Rewards on all transactions

Most of the transactions done with the PalmPay app come with special rewards. These rewards can be discounts or PalmPoints.

A PalmPoint is equivalent to #1. You can win discounts up to 50% off whenever you want to recharge airtime. For example, you may have 100 PalmPoints. If you want to recharge airtime of #200, the 100 PalmPoints will give you a discount of 50%. This means that you will spend only #100 for a #200 airtime recharge.

The amount of PalmPoints you earn depends on how much your transactions are worth.

Also, you will earn a bonus of 2% (in the form of PalmPoints) whenever you pay bills like electricity bills and Cable TV subscriptions. However, this applies only to the first 5 bill payments.


How to make money with palm pay

Apart from sending and receiving money on the PalmPay app, you can earn money through it. Explained below are 5 ways through which you can make money from the PalmPay app

Rewards on all transactions.

  • Cash spree.
  • Awoof Moni.
  • Playing the lucky game.
  • By joining PalmForce.


How to register palm pay app

  • Sign up to PalmPay
  • Mobile number.
  • Captcha.
  • Verification code.
  • Legal First Name.
  • Legal Last Name.
  • Create PalmPay PIN.
  • Confirm PalmPay PIN

Is palm pay legit

If it comes to making bill payments, Palmpay is one of the apps that helps you to do it fast, though you be careful about. You can pay bills as well as send and receive money with the app almost for free. So Palmpay’s advantages include free bank transfers and bill payments

Is palm pay scam

This scam is to lure people into losing their money, as the scammers share screen shots of alerts on social media claiming to have been received from the platform.

Who owns PalmPay?

PalmPay is owned by the Chinese company Transsion Holdings as well as the Taiwanese company NetEase.

Conclusion- palm pay app

With this you will know either PalmPay app is legit or scam.


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