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If you haven’t come across, Is an online platform to enable you make proper decision when it comes to investing your money. We believe that you visited us when searching for World is an investment platform. So in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this Review to be Safe.

The internet has accumulated incalculable online income platforms. However, with the growing popularity of online investing, the risk of encountering fraudulent platforms has also increased.

We will examine various aspects of this platform called to determine if it is a reliable and trustworthy option for investors.

In today’s article, we’ll give answers to all questions about, There are so may online platforms that claim to give you some sort of returns when you invest a particular amount. Some of these platforms are legit, some only pay for a while before folding up while some others are just pure scam.

In other not to fall into the wrong hands is good to be reading review to be safe.

Disclaimer “We is not by anyway working with Schroeder’s fun platform but trying to work for the benefits of others based on honesty and broad insight

What’s is an investment platform that gives the opportunity to it’s user with the profits once they invest in any of the plans he/she can afford.

When you purchase an equipment, it can generate a large amount of electricity, which would fetch you daily
returns. It also provides large number of social and economic
benefits in addition to the return on investment!.
After renting a generator, you need to wait 24 hours for it to
arrive. For example, if you make a purchase at 11:00am, the
proceeds will be credited to your account tomorrow at
11:00am and you can withdraw it.

How does works?

If you’re given the opportunity to work in this platform to start earning money first you need to sign up your account, after you sign up you will receive a welcome bonus of #200 at the sport they won’t waste time, It also provides large number of social and economic
benefits in addition to the return on investment!. provides attractive returns on your investment.
Schrodders ensures that you enjoy a consistent flow of
earnings, allowing you to see your investment grow over time.

The higher you deposit the more profits you have.

How to earn on

Schroeder’s fun investement platform
You will enjoy more benefits, new user received #200 naira when you register on there platform

As a member you earn money by just
performing one tasks every day which is daily logins, how you earn all depends on the type of investment plan or equipment you invest, which means the higher the plan the higher income you can earn daily from the platform. Another way you can be earning higher is through bringing people to join the platform, which is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to join
the platform, and anyone who
successfully register and activate his/her account the platform rewards you with a commission.

Schroeder’s fun investement plans?

Investment Opportunity Daily Income (₦) Price (₦)

  • Renewable Energy 2800 ₦336.00 ₦2800.00
  • Renewable Energy 6800 ₦816.00 ₦6800.00
  • Renewable Energy 15800 ₦1896.00 ₦15800.00
  • Renewable Energy 68000 ₦8160.00 ₦68000.00
  • Renewable Energy 128000 ₦15360.00 ₦128000.00
  • Renewable Energy 380000 ₦45600.00 ₦380000.00

Who is the founder or the CEO of

This is some other important ideas you should recognise before involving yourself to a platform.

The founder or the CEO of
is unknown at this moment
This the reason why we’re writing this
article, they have determine to preserve this facts to themselves which we don’t know their intention.
This manner if anything goes wrong or takes place no person should be preserve or blame anyone lost.

When did launched?

It’s very good and smart to know how
long online platform started, with this
you’ll know if it’s new or it has being
existing. Fortunately, we discover that is a newly lunched site
started on July 17th 2023, which shows the Platform is still new.

How to Register on

To Participate on this platform follow these steps below to guide you on how to register.

  • First click on the official link
  • Input your Phone number
  • Confirm Password.
  • Now click on RegisRegisteredter to complete your registration.

How to Login on

To login your account follow these steps below here.

  • Click here
  • Input Phone number and Password
  • Click on LOGIN to access your account.

How to withdrawal on

To Cash out your earnings from you just need to click on
the menu icon and click on profile, and
add your bank details to withdraw your
earnings. claims users can be able to withdraw there earnings once they reach the minimum withdrawal amount threshold which is N1000. Referral?

Here is a way you can be earning
massively which is by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your
link. Once someone has successfully
completed his/her registration on the
platform using your link the platform
rewards you with a commission of 37%
from his deposit. You also earn 2% 1% Withdrawal?

To withdraw your earnings is very
simple once you have reached the
minimum withdrawal amount, the
minimum withdrawal amount is N1000
place your withdrawals details
and wait for 24hours for your
withdrawal to be successful as promised
by the platform. Remember you will be
charged a withdrawal fee of 5% for each withdrawal you per take. paying?

Know payment proofs
provided by users who claim that the
platform is currently honoring its
payments. However, it is crucial to note that this platform is classified as a Ponzi scheme, which means there is a risk that it may cease payments to its members. Scam?

Exercise caution when considering
investing in, as there are
indications that it may be a scam. While
they may currently be making payments,
t is important not to be enticed into
investing your hard-earned money if you
cannot afford to lose it.
Engaging with such platforms carries
inherent risks, as there is uncertainty
regarding whether they will honor
payments before ceasing operations.
Therefore, it is crucial to exercise
caution and be aware of the potential
risks involved. Legit?

While the features of may
seem authentic, their credibility remains
uncertain due to the scarcity of available
information about the platform.
Consequently, this platform cannot be
considered a reliable source for
generating income.
It is important to note that this platform
operates as a Ponzi scheme, which
means it can collapse unexpectedly.
Consequently, deciding to participate in
this venture entails assuming full
responsibility for any associated risks.
We advice registered members and
intended members who are looking
forward to work on this platform to
exercise caution and invest what he/she
will be able to loose if any misfortune
occured in future.
You can share with us your reviews and
experience with this platform at the
comment section below.

Conclusion on

Thanks for your time to examine this our review to this point, if
there’s any question you would love to
ask or add up something concerning this
platform you can go by dropping a
comment down below.

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