Review: Scam or Legit?

What Is

Smartnetwork is an online Network marketing community to provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday society.

Smartnetwork it was lunched in the early days of February 2023 with the aim of stopping poverty in Nigeria through their earning system.

According to their official website description, “smartnetwork is an online/network marketing community build to provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for learning and earning.”

You can also earn on the platform by referring/inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link etc.

How Does SmartNetwork.Ng Work?

Smartnetwork pays its users based on the activities that they complete on their website.

SmartNetwork.Ng platform works by offering members with amazing features that if properly utilized can make them earn passive income with just the use of Smartphone or laptops.Is 

Smartnetwork NG Legit?

Smartnetwork looks to be a legit platform, but as an online Earning platform 100% Truth can be given to them due to how so many platform start in good and end up being Scamming.

Smartnetwork Ng is a platform that recently launched, it haven’t lasted for long. If u are having the mind of joining the platform there is a certain amount you will pay to get registered, With the mind of risk.

Although we found some Top Earner on these platform but we still don’t believe if they are legit or not.

Our view to this platform, is totally high risk so members should take note.

Our advice to the members or the viewer is to invest what you can afford to lose, make sure you bear in mind to take the risk, if really you want to join and invest in this plasform.

How to sign up on ?

Signing up on for a beginners to understand then you have to follow the step below.

  • Click Smartnetwork here to register
  • Input your credentials
  • Your password
  • Your name
  • Username and Email

How to login into ?

Check your instructions well, then tab the LOGIN button to continue

How To Earn On Smartnetwork NG

You earn on Smartnetwork by engaging yourself on the area of referral, this is when you share your referral link, to your friends, family and love onces.

Smartnetwork NG Affiliate Network

Being smart affiliate, if you automatically end up with the most earnings, you will win a trip to Rwanda with all expenses paid by the company.

furthermore, cash prize are also given to our top earners on the website.

Smartnetwork NG Activities Earning methods.

You can use your activities earnings to register new user your referral link and taking t the registration fee into your pocket.

Smartnetwork NG Beauty Contest

Under this feature, smart users can also participate in Smart Network’s free beauty and talent show contests and make as much as an additional N300 Scam Paying? is currently paying its members if only you follow their steps, you will testify.

Did Smartnetwork ng pay without

Yes, Smartnetwork pays without referrals but it will take a long period of time before you reach the minimum withdrawal which is 24,000 naira.

How much is Smartnetwork registration

Smartnetwork sign up fee is 4,000 naira. To sign up on the
website, you’ll need to purchase a coupon code.


The main fact is that smartnetwork is an online platform which shows that you should only go with what you can afford to lose. However, it is just a one time and only fee of 4000 (four thousand naira) which you can go on with or not. Personally by us, we will advice you to get connected with us though on whatsapp so as to ask some questions before giving a profitable answer. However, we will give a general answer which is not to join unless you are very great in referring. But have it in mind that those you bring may not get paid.


Thank for reading this article, we guess this article stand as help to you, don’t fail to share your own opinions with us.

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