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You have been searching all the way from internet looking for the world Zicotech.ng if it’s legit or scam platform or in other way looking for father information concerning this platform that’s claiming users make profits and withdraw it daily amount, then after reading this our review you’ll understand every important step to take, whether to signup or not. Find out if Zicotech.ng mining earning platform Is legit or scam.

In this article you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about Zicotech.ng that claims users can earn money everyday by just daily logins, which includes, what’s Zicotech.ng, how does Zicotech.ng works, when was Zicotech.ng launched, who is the founder of Zicotech.ng, how to register on Zicotech.ng, is Zicotech.ng legit or scam, how to login Zicotech.ng account, is Zicotech.ng paying, can I withdraw on Zicotech.ng without any referrals and many more.

There are many online platform today, that comes with many exciting promises offers to make people join their platform, some of these platform pays for a short time, while some don’t even pay before they run away with peoples investment and time. continue reading as you find out if Zicotech.ng legit or scam.

Some of these platform pays for a long period of time then later cast,
While many others are pure Scam that is why it’s good to be reading review to know which platform is Legit or currently paying now before investing.

For you not to be victim of these platforms.The majority of users do not make any single studies before jumping into online investment, that’s why they end up loosing their time and there money. Continue reading as you find out if Zicotech.ng legit or scam.

Disclaimer “We Naijfunds.com.ng is not by anyway working with Zicotech.ng Platform but trying to work for the benefits of others.

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What is Zicotech.ng?

Zicotech.ng Is an online platform where you register with a certain amount of money and allow to earn money by performing simple tasks on the platform. These simple tasks includes daily logins, sharing post also referring people to join.

According to the platform “ZICOTECH is an online/Network Marketing Community build to provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for Learning and Earning (1.e Having skills and making passive income). On zicotech we are the fountain of technology”.

How does Zicotech.ng work’s?

Before you are giving the opportunity to work on this platform and start earning money, you need to signup for account with the aid of visiting their website to register. We’ll direct you here in this article on a way to signup as you examine down.

To register on the platform you need to have a fixed amount for Zicotech.ng to Grand you the permission to meet their task and complete it. The registration fee of Zicotech.ng is N3,500 and boom you are giving the full permission to make money on the platform.

Once you complete your registration on this platform, you will get a reward of N2000 as a welcome bonus. Then you will have access to earn from the platform by performing your daily tasks.

You can also participate on the referral program or affiliate program where you are allowed to invite and make money when the person you invite successfully register with your link.

Participating on the affiliate program isn’t a must, but it only help in generating more income to your earning, if someone register using your link you earn ₦2,500 commission instantly direct to you available balance.

How do I make money On Zicotech.ng?

The amount you earn on this platform depends on the activities you carry out on the platform, daily tasks is about N650 and you earn N2500 per user you reffered using your invite code.

Once you have register on this platform, you will get a reward of N2000 as a welcome bonus. Then you will have access to earn from the platform by performing your daily tasks.
These tasks includes sharing your post to your social media accounts, and referring people to join the platform.

Another way you can be earning higher is through their affiliate program, using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, and anyone who successfully register and activate his account the platform rewards you with a commission.

Breakdown on how you can earn money on Zicotech.ng?

  • Welcome bonus : ₦2,000
  • Daily site view : ₦250
  • Daily zicotech post: ₦400
  • Referral bonus : ₦2,500
  • Indirect bonus : ₦300
  • 3rd indirect bonus : ₦100
  • 4th indirect bonus : ₦100

When did Zicotech.ng launched?

It’s very good and smart to know how long online platform started, with this you’ll know if it’s new or it has being existing.

Fortunately, we discover that Tramzs.com was live since on April 6th 2023, which shows the platform is still new.

How to Registered on Zicotech.ng?

First click here to visit their official website when you’re there tap on the menu botton, then click on “Buy coupons” or click here
Now select any agent, message him/her on WhatsApp to purchase your activation code.
Once you receive your code, go back to the website and click on “Get Started” or click here
Now you’ll be ask to input your details, like Email address, Username, Phone number and Password.
Input your Coupon code .
Accept terms and conditions
Click on REGISTER to complete your registration.

How to Login on Zicotech.ng?

To login your account is very easy all you have to do follow these steps below.

Visit their official website by clicking here
Provide your login details and click on LOGIN to access your account.

Here is another way you can top up your earnings by using your referral link to invite friends and family to register on the platform through your link.

Once someone has successfully register on the platform using your link, the platform rewards you with a commission.

You can get more referrals by sharing your referral link to your social media accounts encouraging people to join and start earning money.

Zicotech.ng Withdrawal?

On Zicotech.ng, withdrawal is simple once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount threshold all you have to do is to provide your bank details and request for withdrawal.

Actually you can also Withdraw even if your money is above the minimum amount. The Minimum withdrawal amount for referral Earners is ₦5000 while the withdrawal day is Every Wednesday, Friday and Sundays.

And For those who cannot meet up to refer someone and participated only on the activities earnings, your minimum withdrawal is ₦20,000 and the withdrawal day is on every 15th.

Remember withdrawal will be process by Zicotech.ng team do well to wait for 24hours for your withdrawal to complete as promised by the platform.

Is Zicotech.ng Legit?

The features of Zicotech.ng seems to be legit but could not be trusted due to the fact that not much about this platform is reveal, the owner of Zicotech.ng is still anonymous.

Our advice to our readers is to know such platforms has come and go, only join Zicotech.ng if you can afford to loose such money because we don’t know how long they are going to last as nobody knows their whereabout and the founders behind it.

You can share with us your reviews and experience with this platform at the comment section below.


Is Zicotech.ng Scam?

Zicotech.ng cannot be trusted and might be a scam, there are many red flags on the platform which cannot be ignore, though at this moment there’s no negative reports from anyone as they are still new.

One thing about online investment platforms is knowing how long it started and joining the platform when is brand new is little risky, also if you can be able to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold on time.


Conclusion on Zicotech.ng?

Thanks for your time to examine this our Zicotech.ng review to this point, if there’s any question you would love to ask or add up something concerning this platform you can go by dropping a comment down below.


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