Drinkdelivery.daiy legit or scam.

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In this digital era, where financial opportunities are just a click away, it is crucial to tread cautiously to distinguish the legitimate platforms from the deceptive ones. The internet has accumulated incalculable online income platforms. However, with the growing popularity of online investing, the risk of encountering fraudulent platforms has also increased.

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it is very important to ensure that the platform you choose is legitimate, reliable, and trustworthy. In this review, we aim to provide you with the necessary informations and knowledge to differentiate between genuine online investment platforms and the scammers.

We encourage you to utilize the insights gained here to evaluate the legitimacy of any online investment platform you encounter, and to consult professional financial advisors when needed.

In this article you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about Drinkdelivery.Daily that claims users earn money everyday by just daily logins, which includes, what’s Drinkdelivery.daily, how does Drinkdelivery.daily works, when was Drinkdelivery.daily launched, who is the founder of Drinkdelivery.daily, how to register on Drinkdelivery.Daily, is Drink delivery.daily legit or scam, how to login Drinkdelivery.daily account, is Drinkdelivery.daily paying, can I withdraw on Drinkdelivery.daily without any referrals and many more.

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What is Drinkdelivery.daily.

Drinkdelivery.daily is an online Investment platform that claim to rewards its users once they Invest on any of the plan he/she can afford.

How does Drinkdelivery.daily work.

To start earning on Drinkdelivery.daily, users must register
on the platform by completing a simple registration form.
Upon successful registration, users receive a welcome
bonus of N100. To generate income, users can choose
from the available investment plans, ranging from N1,500
to N200,000, with corresponding daily revenue amounts.
The platform claims these investment plans are valid for
320 days.

Drinkdelivery.daily investment plan.

Fanta 33cl

  • Price: ₦1500
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦225
  • Total Revenue: ₦720
  • Coke

    Zero 33cl

  • Price: ₦3000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  •  Daily Revenue: ₦600
  • Total Revenue: ₦192000
  • 5Alive Berry Blast:

  •  Price: ₦5000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦1100
  • Total Revenue: ₦352000
  • Eva Water 1.5L:

  • Price: ₦10000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦2300
  • Total Revenue: ₦736000

    Sprite 33cl:

  •  Price: ₦3000
  •  Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦7200
  • Total Revenue: ₦2304000

    Schweppes Virgin Mojito 33cl:

  •  Price: ₦50000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  •  Daily Revenue: ₦12500
  • Total Revenue: ₦4000000
  • Monster Green 44d:
  •  Price: ₦80000
  •  Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦21600
  • Total Revenue: ₦6912000

    Coca-Cola Classic 35ch:

  • Price: ₦100000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦29000
  •  Total Revenue: ₦9280000

     Limca Lime and Lemon:

  • Price: ₦300000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦105000
  • Total Revenue: ₦33600000

     Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 35ch:

  • Price: ₦200000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦62000
  • Total Revenue: ₦19840000

    Coca-Cola Classic 250ml:

  •  Price: ₦500000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  •  Daily Revenue: ₦200000
  • Total Revenue: ₦64000000

    Cherry Vanilla Can Dry:

  •  Price: ₦1000000
  • Serving Time: 320 Days
  • Daily Revenue: ₦450000
  • Total Revenue: ₦144000000


Referral Program on Drinkdelivery.daily:

Drinkdelivery.daily offers a referral program where users

can earn referral commissions for inviting new members
to join the platform using their unique referral link. The
referral commission structure consists of three levels:
Level 1 (28%), Level 2 (1%), and Level 3 (1%). Referral
compensation is awarded when the referred member
makes a payment on the platform.


Drinkdelivery.daily Withdrawal Process:

Users can request withdrawals on Drinkdelivery.daily once
they reach the minimum withdrawal amount of N1,000.
There are no specific withdrawal limits, and users can
withdraw their earnings whenever they meet the minimum
threshold. The platform requires users to provide their
local bank account details for withdrawal requests.

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Drinkdelivery.daily Ownership and
Launch Date:

The owner and founder of Drinkdelivery.daily remain
anonymous, which raises a red flag as transparency is
crucial in investment platforms. The domain for
Drinkdelivery.daily was created on June 18, 2023, making it
a relatively new platform.
Is Drinkdelivery.daily Legit or a Scam?
While there is currently no reported scam cases
associated with Drinkdelivery.daily, there are several
concerning factors that raise doubts about its legitimacy.
The lack of transparency regarding the platform’s
ownership, coupled with the promising yet unrealistic daily
returns, aligns with the characteristics of a potential Ponzi
scheme. Similar investment platforms have previously
scammed users, making it prudent to approach
Drinkdelivery.day with caution.



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