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Welcome to, This is Where we give Good necessary informations about online income platforms to enable you make proper decision when it comes to investing your money. We believe that you visited us when searching for, is an investment platform. So in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this review to be Safe.

The internet has accumulated incalculable online income platforms. However, with the growing popularity of online investing, the risk of encountering fraudulent platforms has also increased.

We will examine various aspects of this platform called to determine if it is a reliable and trustworthy option for investors.

We encourage you to utilize the insights gained here to evaluate the legitimacy of any online investment platform you encounter, and to consult professional financial advisors when needed.

We will be discussing all about platform through the following headlines which includes; review, login, register, is legit, is scam, apk or app, who is the owner of, how to make money on, when was launched, referral, how does work, is fake or real, or any other information relating to, will be discussed in this article. and more.

Disclaimer “We is not by anyway working with Platform but trying to work for the benefits of others based on honesty and broad insight

Let’s go there

What is is an online
investment platform where registered
members has the opportunity to make money online by carrying out some simple tasks on their website. These tasks include; investing your money on the platform through any of your preferred investment plan. Earn when you login to your account daily.

According to the platform “Hive block chain technologies is the first publicly traded cry pto miner, listing on the Toronto Venture exchange in 2017, under the ticket symbol Hive. The company users 100% green energy to mine Bitcoin with a committed ESG strategy since day one. Hive strive to create long-term shareholder value with its unique Hoodlum strategy, bridging the block chain and cryptocurrencies to traditional capital markets.

How does works/ How to earn?

If you where an opportunity giving to
work on this platform and start earning money, you need to signup for account with the aid of visiting their website to register.
We’ll direct you here in this article on a way to signup as you examine down.

As long as you have your Smartphone, Computer and Data then you’re okay to earn on this platform.

It is once in a lifetime opportunity that is open for Students, Unemployed Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, Housewives or anyone and everyone who want to earn money online.

Once you have successfully completed your registration on the platform, you will need to subscribe to any of the investment plans with your money.

The minimum amount to invest is N5,000 to earn N250 daily for a period of 45 days, while the maximum amount to invest is N140,000 to earn 7,800 daily for a period of 45 days. Investment Plans?

There are various investment plans available on where you can invest to get daily returns. Below are the available investment plans on:

Hive 1

  • Investment Amount: N5,000
  • Daily Income: N250.00
  • Cycle 45 days
  • Total 10500

Product 2

  • Investment Amount: N20,000
  • Daily Income: N1,056
  • Cycle : 42 days
  • Total Income: 43680

Hive 3

  • Investment Amount: N60,000
  • Daily Income: N3,250
  • Cycle : 42 days
  • Total income : N136080

Product 4

  • Investment Amount: N140,000
  • Daily Income: N7,800
  • Cycle : 42 days
  • Total income : 329280 Referral?

When anyone registers on using your referral link, you will be given a reward. These are rewarded to you for each referral you accumulate. It means that the more the referrals, the more the referral commission you accumulate.

When anyone successfully register into the platform using your referral link, you will get rewarded.

When was

It’s very good and smart to know how long
online platform started, with this you’ll
know if it’s new or it has being existing.
Fortunately, we discovered that was established on
the 30th of January 2023. Which shows is
still new at this moment writing this article.

Who is the CEO or Founder of

It’s good to know the CEO and the founder of the platform before joining them because it helps to increase trust about the platform.

If anything goes wrong or
takes place no person will be preserve liable for anyone lost.

How do I Register on

  • Click on this link You will be directed to Registeration page
  • Input your details correctly as required in the space provided such as your name, username, phone number, email address and password.
  • Enter the password again for confirmation
  • Click on the REGISTER button to finish your Registeration process

How do I login to my dashboard?

To Login on, follow the step below.

  • Click on this link to visit login page.
  • Input your phone number and password and then click on LOGIN button.
  • That’s how to login to

To withdraw your earnings is very simple
once you have reached the minimum
withdrawal amount which is N1000. Once
you have reach the minimum withdrawal
amount you can place your withdrawals
details and wait for 24 hours for your
withdrawal to be successful as promised by
the platform.
You can withdraw your earnings through
your local bank account or using a USDT
account to withdraw your funds.

Is legit?

The features and earning structures of seem to be a legitimate platform but it’s quite unfortunate that it could not be trusted due to the fact that not much is known about this platform as the owners refuse to make their identity known to the public neither to their members. Therefore, it reduces the trust score of this platform, so Invest what you can afford to loose.

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Is Scam?

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Well this platform can’t be ignored tell
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think is legit
paying or Scam tell us.


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Sign up for a free account and earn about N250 daily for a number of days when you invest as little as N5,000 into the platform. And aslo earn through referral bonus.

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