Easemoni Review: the sweetest apP to make money.

In Nigerian financial industry, a lot of scam sites have taken over the market thereby making it hard to find a genuine place to keep your money. However, we’ve good news for you “Easemoni”,  Nigeria owned online bank is the only trusted place to keep your money.

Easemoni is one of the best app that give money to anyone in need of urgent cash, if u are in need of urgent money consider getting loan from Easemoni.

Anyone may have the thought of getting money to settle some of her bills then borrowing money might be the next option. However each loan app has its pros and cons, you will be the one the choose the one that will suit you.

However, apart from being the best Nigeria online bank to save your money, what amazes is a lot of bonuses its users are entitled to which we’ll explain further in this article. Naijafunds.com.ng.
“Easemoni” review will enlighten you more about the App.

Right now I will be discussing about Easemoni, so you can decide if it’s good to get money anytime you want to, anything you need to know about Easemoni you will see from article.

Let’s see it here:

All about Easemoni:

Easemoni is an instant personal Cash
loan app that give access for money so easily, they offer quick and easy approval of loan without collateral.

If you want to  borrow money u can easily get the cash within 1 minute.
All you need to do is just your internet connection.

How does Easemoni works:

There is know difference comparing to other loan app platform. Mostly you will just open an account and fill the necessary details and get access to the money.

But in case of this “Easemoni loan app you might use opay account to access loan.

Over view of Easemoni:

Easemoni is a Nigerian loan service provider that enables you to Apply one of the best instant loan at anytime anywhere. This loan app provides loan for you without you needing any form of collateral or even going physically to their office. All you have to do is just download their mobile app to your phone And apply for it. Within 10 minutes, you will receive the loan you applied for.

Also, this platform offers you a chance to apply for a loan of N1,000,000 (one million naira so)

whether you are a new user or an old user, you have access to all the opportunities the platform provides.

However, your credit score will increase if you frequently use the app and pay back your loan in due time.

How can registered from Easemoni:

To register on this loan app, followed this step:

  • First, download the mobile app and install it.
  • Next, launch the app and enter your basic details.

How can I apply for Easemoni app loan and get approved:

The steps below will guide you on how you apply for a loan on this platform:

  •  Download the mobile app, install it and complete your registration process.
  • Next, choose the product you want to apply for, fill in the details needed, and submit your application.
  • Lastly, wait for the verification and approval of your loan application. Once the platform approves your loan request, E-sign the loan agreement and you’ll receive the money immediately.

If you follow the steps stated above and have all the requirements, there is a high chance your loan application will be approved. Also, you must ensure that the phone number you are applying with is the same as the number you use to receive your alerts. This enables the platform to determine your creditworthiness quickly.

What is the interest rate for Easemoni app:

This is the interest rate of this loan app. Easemoni.

Interest Rate: From 5% to10% monthly, APR60%-120%. It majorly depends on your credit evaluation. For instance, a 91-days loan payment terms have an interest fee of 5% per month. For the loan which was processed with a principal amount of ₦3,000, your interest would be ₦273. Basically, this means that the total amount outstanding would be ₦3,273.

What are the requirement to borrow on this “Easemoni” loan app.


There are certain requirements you must meet to be able to apply for a loan on this platform successfully.

  • You have to be a citizen of Nigeria and live in Nigeria.
  •  You must be within the age range of 18 to 55 years.
  • You must have a reasonable source of income. Basically, this enables them to review your loan application appropriately and determine the maximum amount of money you are eligible to borrow.
  • The personal information you used during your registration must be valid.

How can I download this”Easemoni loan app”.

Here’s how to download this app in simple steps:

  • Take your android device and open Google Play Store.
  •  Next, search for ‘Easemoni’ and download the app.

Once you download this app, begin your registration process and apply for a loan when you are done you will see the next step.

Don’t forget to drop your comments thank you for reading this review.

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