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Here I will be Reviewing all you need to know about this platform all if is Legit or Scam

Some of these platform pay pays for a long period of time then later cast,
While many others are pure Scam that is why it’s good to be reading review to know which platform is Legit or currently paying now. is a newly launched platform that allows you to earn money from any of the available plan u choose.

The higher you invest the more money you earn daily, you can even earn on the platform by referring or invite friends to register on the platform by using the referral Link.

In this Review we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the platform through the following sub- topic.
Is Legit, Is Scam, referral, withdrawal, investment plans, register \sign up, Login and many more.

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How does the Platform works.

If your registered on this platform new they will give a # 200 naira bonus for the first time free then you need to deposit on the platform and invest in any of the investment plans you want to in order to earn daily.

You will also be giving a referral link, which you can use to invite friends to Earn a commission. Investment plans.

Aluminium- ion – 1

500 per income 24 hours.

1500 gross income.

2000 investment plans.

Aluminium- ion – 2

1000 per income 24 hours.

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3000 gross income.

4000 naira investment plans.

Aluminium- ion – 3

3000 per income 24 hours.

6000 gross income.

8000 naira investment plans.

Aluminium- ion – 4

3750 per income 24 hours.

112500 gross income.

15000 naira investment plans.

Aluminium- ion – 5

7500 per income 24 hours.

225000 gross income.

30000 naira investment plans. Referral.

You can also earn on this platform by referring or inviting friends to register on this platform through the Referral\ invite link. Withdrawal.

When u reach your minimum withdrawal amount you can bind your account detail and request for withdraw. register\sign up.

To sign up on the platform you will follow step below.

  •  Chick on the Link.
  •  Chick on Register.
  • Then input the request details including your: Phone Number, Password and Captch.
  • Chick on Register. Login.

To Login on this platform, you have to follow the step below.

  •  Phone Number.
  • Password. Is Legit or Scam. is a newly launched 2023 platform that allows you to earn money from any of the available plan u choose.

It’s too early to determine if it’s legit or scam.

On a normal: there is know online business is not involved risk, if u are to invest with this platform then make sure you do so with the money you afford to loose.



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